Welcome to ITEMS where we are proud to supply the industry with all aspects of workplace Drug and Alcohol Management. We are dedicated to provide a service which will not only improve your staff productivity; it will provide you with the assurance of workplace safety and compliance to any requirement your business must fulfil.
ITEMS are a professional and distinctive provider in the delicate field of Drug and Alcohol Management. ITEMS close relationships consist of forensic practitioners who have spent their professional lives in drug and alcohol testing. They have vast experience in detection, prevention, counselling and rehabilitation pertaining to drugs & alcohol misuse and abuse.
Access to experts, who have extensive experience in the research and development of alcohol breath testing equipment used in law enforcement agencies and industry. Similarly they have considerable experience in the provision of expert evidence in courts of law.
Our testing laboratory, The Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) is Australia's premier forensic toxicology laboratory, with an unrivalled international reputation in the provision of legally defensible drug testing services.
ITEMS are fully compliant with the requirements of the current Australian Standards relating to drug testing and utilises alcohol testing equipment compliant with international evidentiary standards.
Our testing procedures are performed in accordance with AS/NZ4308 and confirmatory tests are performed by an accredited pathology laboratory.
Drug and Alcohol testing should be implemented with any safety critical role, such as operating heavy machinery that could cause harm to the operator or others.
Guidelines recommend that a company's OHS Policies and Procedures should state that the company may request the testing of an employee for drugs & alcohol during the following situations:
·        Pre-placement, Pre-Employment or Change of Risk Category
·        At Random - 'random testing will not involve the targeting of particular workers on a regular basis'.
·        For Cause - 'an employee may be requested to undergo breath and/or urine analysis where reasonable cause exists to suspect that the employee is about to undertake, or is undertaking, safety related work whilst impaired by alcohol or another drug'.
·        Work Related Injury or Accidents - 'Employees who are involved in a work related accident or injury can be requested to undergo breath and/or urine analysis'.
·        Safety Sensitive Aviation Activities (SSAAs) - CASA requirements.

ITEMS will conform to your companies current Drug and Alcohol Policy, and or facilitate the update or development of such a policy. 
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